Remote voice recording via SessionLink

We offer remote voice recordings via SessionLink with up to 5 participants.This includes streaming the production video. If desired, users can also see each other via webcam during the recording. We have created quick guides for recording via SessionLink, one for voice actors and another for conference participants. For more information please get in touch with us.



We believe our work speaks in our favour; here an extract:

Todschick – Die Schattenseite der Mode
Ina Müller – Ich mach dir den Hof
Dreams Rewired


If you prefer reading, please have a look at a detailed project list (extract).

Further credentials can be found here.


The heads

At primetime studio you will always see the same faces and not a new one each time!

Pierre Brand und Sascha Prangen
Pierre Brand und Sascha Prangen

What we offer

Mixing & voice recording

Hardly any format in unknown to us! We mix cinema sound to DCP, TV documentaries, TV series, commercials, image films, radio plays and many more. In doing so, we pay close attention to the sound requirements of the target medium – so that there will be no nasty surprises later on. We use SessionLinkPRO to connect with other studios for voice recordings.

3D Audio

We rely on the `SpatialSound Wave` technology of the Fraunhofer Institut IDMT making completely new sound creations possible. Listen to our work here.


We give your product the right voice. You give us your idea; we provide the matching voice and handle the processing! Location sound not of broadcast quality? A German version needed? No problem with our pool of speakers and authors.

Sound Design

You will always find the right sound with us! We work with a huge sound archive, and whatever we don’t have we produce ourselves. Also Available at Primetimestudio, an 8-channel atmosphere archive especially for multichannel sound production.



Fullscreen Studiotour


Would you like to get to know us?

Then please get in touch with us!

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